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Gurl got a point. We love you @veeoneeye @pokeball_lizzie #veeoneeye #istillsupportveeoneeye

EDIT: (apparently some of you have the inability to read) If you read my other replies to this you can clearly see there was a slight misunderstanding. I support the good part of Jason and the victims (the real victims) . I personally would have gone to the police straight away and I understand others would react differently. That and I’m worried for his life after seeing so many say he deserves to die and that he should kill himself which is down right low whether you hate him or not. Rapist or not a rapist no one deserves to die.

If being called a rapist is bothering him so much he shouldn’t have got an underage girl drunk and then raped her

Do people not know how to read on this website?

Anonymous asked:
stay strong, my friend.

I can’t. Not anymore.

Anonymous asked:
This is cheesy and I'm sorry but I saw this and I just wish I would've or could've found you sooner I'm so sorry you're going what you're going through I'm so sorry and I really hope you don't do this and I'm sorry but I'm going to give you the national suicide hotline okay I'm sorry this is so cheesy 18002738255 Please feel better friend I am rooting for you I am rooting for your happiness you go. Go u. I love u

I’ve wanted to feel better for over 2 years. It’s impossible.


watching yourself being replaced by people better than you


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nialllocked asked:
I wish I could somehow help you... I don't know how though... I know that feeling when nothing seems to help... I understand you!

I’m just done with life. It’s nice that you care but I wish you wouldn’t. I want to minimise the amount of people I hurt when I leave.

somewheretohere asked:
Look hun, If the hate you are getting has made you this upset then I would suggest writing out a formal apology post. (Don't make excuses just say that you are sorry and that you never wanted to victim shame and that if it hurt anyone personally that you are sorry). I suggest not looking up posts about suicide. Feeding into your suicidal thoughts only makes it worse (I know this from personal experience.) Then educate yourself about the reality of rape & victim shaming (avoid it in the future)

I have apologised. I understand the situation. People won’t listen. I want my suicidal thoughts to get worse. I want to fucking die already. I wish no one had talked me out of it last night. I’m done with my life and I want to fucking die.

Anonymous asked:
He is a rapist and a sick person how does he not deserve hate? He doesnt deserve to die I wouldn't wish that on anyone but he deserves to be called out for what he did

I never said he didn’t. Did you read my fucking post?

Anonymous asked:
Jason knew what he was doing was wrong. When confronted with it in 2013 his response was 'they wont tell anyone'. I can't believe people are so easily won over and supporting him. It's disgusting. He has raped and sexted underage girls.

Read my fucking post. I’m done with arguing.


If only this was real…