Haii! I'm Trevyn! Nice to see someone wants to visit my blog! Wanna know more about me? Check out the about me page. A sloth has a more interesting social life than me so if you need to talk feel free! I have nothing better to do with my life than talk to strangers via the internet!

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Alex Gaskarth with a fan

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Broken keyboard and hard drive failure, gotta send my baby in for repairs and gonna lose everything on it 😭😭😭 how will I live? #fwp #laptop #life #ptv #harddrive #keyboard #crying

Anonymous asked:
YOUR EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL like really, they're stunning :3

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! Thank you sweetie!!! xxx

So little holiday left and I’m wasting it doing nothing 😪 #selfie #emo #holiday #scaffoldpiercing #piercing #meh


I mean, I’m not saying that we can enforce this as law or anything. I also might be wrong about this. But:

Just as a general rule, I feel like we should not look at pictures of the breasts or genitalia of people who would rather we not look at pictures of their breasts…


So I made the decision to turn comments off on my videos. You can see why here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4_hHKlEZ9Go&list=UU-lHJZR3Gqxm24_Vd_AJ5Yw

I noticed today while messing with the settings in YouTube that you can invite certain type of people to comment on the video and block out others.

I was thinking we could set up a PayPal and anyone who donates more than $1 will get invited to this group and will be able to comment as normal. 

I’m not looking to make this into a thing where I’m just taking money. So all the money would go toward charity. 

It might be hell to setup and if many bros donate, well.. I’d have to hire someone to do all this work of invitation etc for me. 

So before I go further I wanted to check with you bros if you think its a good idea or not.

You can vote here: http://strawpoll.me/2456238

Thanks for participating! 


Edit: I found some more negative reasons:

1. Not everyone has a PayPal.

2. Taking money to PayPal is risky and even though I would be 100% transparent, some people might think I’m just taking the money. (Which anyone who knows me, know I would never do).

3. It’s probably too complicated to actually work. It sounds good on paper but, yeah… Ill probably wont pursue this unfortunately. 




at the disco


i felt like i connected a lot to the stickers at the greenhouse today

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